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SAE International is a registered charitable 501(c)(3) organization.

  • Tier 1: $1 - $149

    Thank you for your support. Your Name will be included on the “individual sponsors” portion of our website.

  • Tier 2: $150 - $299

    In addition to Tier 1 rewards, Tier 2 donors will receive a team T-Shirt and have their name on one of the cars.

  • Tier 3: $300 - $499

    On top of all the rewards from the previous tiers; Tier 3 donors will also receive a team calendar.

  • Tier 4: $500 - $999

    Tier 4 donors will receive everything previously mentioned, as well as a Framed Picture and VIP Seating at Unveiling on May 20th.

  • Tier 5: $1000+

    Everything above as well as driving the Formula car (must be an individual, unaffiliated donor).